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ISPA is a professional society dedicated to the improvement and promotion of parametric cost modeling techniques and methodologies and the related fields of risk analysis, econometrics, design-to-cost, technology forecasting, and management. ISPA provides a forum that encourages the professional development of its members through the interchange of ideas and perspectives.

ISPA members represent government agencies, universities, and nearly 200 organizations in 12 countries. ISPA’s membership range in experience from beginners to seasoned professionals. They are united by their interest in the practical application of parametric analysis

Parametric Analysis

Parametric analysis employs equations that describe relationships between cost, schedule, and measurable attributes of systems, hardware, and software. The equations describe how a products physical, performance, and programmatic characteristics affect its cost and schedule.

Parametric techniques have proven their ability to extrapolate from past and current experience to forecast the economic impact of fast-developing technologies. These techniques are applied using custom cost estimating relationships or commercially available tools.

Society Activities

Mission Statement

The purpose of ISPA is to improve our effectiveness and leverage the limited resources of our respective organizations by providing information on techniques, tools, and methodologies for enhancing the management decision-making process.

Organization Profile

In 1978, a small dedicated group of cost analysts and estimators saw the need for an organization that would support their development in a new discipline called Parametrics. ISPA’s long history of growth and professional excellence is a tribute to their pioneering vision. ISPA is chartered in Washington, DC., as a nonprofit educational society. Many ISPA members are currently participating in the Parametric Estimating Initiative which is enabling them to rely on Parametrics as the primary basis of estimate.

ISPA members represent government agencies, universities, and nearly 200 organizations in 12 countries. ISPA’s membership range in experience from beginners to seasoned professionals. They are united by their interest in the practical application of parametric analysis

ISPA has chartered regional Chapters for technical workshops, training, and networking opportunities to meet and associate with others in our profession. ISPA has also collected a library of over 800 publications which has been especially helpful to many new member


The Journal of Parametrics is a semi-annual professional publication. Parametric World is the quarterly newsletter of the International Society of Parametric Analysts. To view examples of these publications, click on the references below.

Proceedings from the society's annual conferences are available for purchase. ISPA Publications Order Form

International Annual Conference

The highlight of the year is the International Conference held in a variety of geographic locations to meet the needs of our international membership.

The purpose of this annual meeting is to give members the opportunity to exchange ideas and enable developers of parametric techniques and models to show their accomplishments. Tutorials and special workshops are conducted that feature presentations on modern techniques for analyzing and estimating cost, schedule, and the impact of new technologies. Many vendors of parametric models, software tools, and services are exhibited.

Conference 2005

The 2005 27th Annual Conference of the International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) and the 15th Annual Conference of the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) will combine to bring the cost community together in Denver, Colorado, on June 14-17, 2005. The joint 2005 Conference will feature the acclaimed SCEA Training Program, Mastering the Core of Knowledge, and highly popular ISPA Parametric Cost Estimating Review Training. Click here to view the 2005 Conference Announcement in PDF format.

Past Conferences

The 2004 26th Annual Conference was held in the beautiful Italian Countryside of Frascati, Italy, May 10 to 14, 2004. Please connect here to view the 2004 Conference Proceedings - Table of Contents. A CD of the 2004 Conference Proceedings is now available and may be purchased for $40.

The 2003 joint ISPA/SCEA annual conference was held at the Caribe Royale Resort Suites and Villas, Orlando, Florida on 17 June - 20 June 2003.

A CD of the 2003 Conference Proceedings is now available. The CD may be purchased for $35. To view the Table Of Contents, please click here: 2003 Conference Proceedings - Table Of Contents.

Proceedings from the society's previous annual conferences are available for purchase. Please connect here: ISPA Publications Order Form.

DoD Letter on Parametrics


News Events

We intend to provide each chapter with the necessary space to get the word out regarding events and happenings in their chapter.
Southern California Chapter
The Winter 2005 Southern California Chapter of ISPA Workshop, will be hosted by The Boeing Company, 2201 Seal Beach Boulevard, Seal Beach, California, on Wednesday, March 2, 2005. Please connect here to view the Agenda and map for driving directions.

Please register early. We hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please contact Madeline Ellis, President.

Please RSVP by February 25, 2005 to:

Cynthia Navarro (562) 797-1654 email:
Madeline Ellis (562) 797-4424 email:
Please Provide: Name, Company Affiliation, Location, Citizenship, Telephone No., E-Mail address.
The presentation entitled "CAIV and Parametrics" is now available for viewing because of the demand for copies. Please click here: (This is a very large file and slow to load) CAIV Parametrics.pdf.

"Estimation of Systems Complexity" is another paper presented at the April workshop. This PowerPoint presentation begins with the Table of Contents. Navigate through the presentation by selecting the appropriate buttons. To download the PowerPoint presentation to your computer, highlight and select the Download Presentation Source.

For further information, please contact the following:

George Stratton e-mail: (520) 545-6104
or Madeline Ellis e-mail: (562) 797-4424 (Seal Beach)
(818) 586-3083 (West Hills)


For general information, contact:

ISPA Office
Allison Brown, Service Contractor
P. O. Box 3185
Chandler, AZ 85244
Telephone: 480-917-4747
FAX: 480-792-6930

ISPA BODISPA OfficeOrganizationE-Mail/FAX#
Andy PrinceChairpersonNASA, Headquarters,  Code  FAX: 202-358-3808
Madeline EllisDeputy ChairpersonBoeing  FAX: 562-797-5618
Dan FerensSecretaryAFRL/  FAX: 315-330-2822
Christian  FAX: 256-705-8608
Dick BasnerDirectorNorthrop Grumman Electronic
Doug DruleyDirectorBAE Systems Missions
Herve JoumierDirectorEuropean Space  FAX: 31 71-565-4997
Elizabeth (Bettye) MunsonDirectorGeneral Dynamics  FAX: 952-921-6300
Martha SpurlockDirectorDefense Acquisition  FAX: 804-765-4792
George StrattonDirectorRaytheon Systems Company -  FAX: 520-545-6096
Georges TeologlouDirectorPRICE Systems,  FAX: 33-1-47-65-76-30
ISPA AppointeesISPA CommitteeOrganizationE-Mail/FAX#
Steve BookAssociate Director, Journal of Parametrics EditorMCR,  FAX: 310-640-0003
Allison BrownService ContractorISPA  FAX: 480-792-6930
David EckParametrics Handbook Editor, Chair, Audit  FAX: 972-714-4666
Mary Ellen HarrisISPA  FAX: 256-971-6439
Mary JonesAssociate Director, Parametric World EditorWyle
Paul LubellExecutive
Don MacKenzieChair, Publications CommitteeWyle  FAX: 703-633-2145

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Parametric Estimating Handbook Third Edition

ISPA was one of the contributors to the third edition of the Parametric Estimating Initiative (PEI) Parametric Estimating Handbook. The third edition was sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). This page provides links to the final version of the third edition of the Handbook.

To begin viewing the Handbook, start at the cover page, or select a specific chapter from the list located below. All Handbook chapters are available below as Microsoft Word 2000 (Office 2000) document files, as well as being available as HTML documents for easy web viewing. You can also retrieve all of the Final Third Edition Handbook files in Microsoft Word 2000 format as a single compressed Zip file, FINALED.ZIP

Parametric Practitioner Certification Program

ISPA is pleased to announce a new professional advancement and development program. The successful applicant upon completion of an examination at the 2002 Annual Conference in San Diego, will be granted the award of Certified Parametric Practitioner (CPP). This program is conducted by ISPA for both members and nonmembers. It provides professional recognition to those applicants possessing the requisite education and job experience and who successfully demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a written examination.

Procedures to Apply for the Certification Examination

Upon determination by an applicant that they are eligible (see eligibility requirements below), the applicant must complete the "Application for Certification Examination" form and mail it to:

ISPA CPP Program
Fred Tucker
P.O. Box 9699
Canoga Park, CA 91309

The application form can be obtained by clicking here: Certification Form. Download a copy of the form in Word format to your computer, fill it out and mail back to us at the address above or contact the business office. The fee for the examination is $75.00 payable at the time the completed application is submitted. Of this amount $60.00 is refundable should an applicant withdraw prior to the date of the exam, fail to take the exam, or fail to meet the eligibility requirements to take the test as determined by the Society Certification Committee.

Examination Details

Certification Committee Review. The Certification Committee will determine whether an applicant qualifies under one of the options listed below. The decision by the Committee will be final. The applicant’s fee will be refunded minus a $15.00 administrative charge if he or she is found not qualified to take the test. An applicant may resubmit their application at any time with additional information for reconsideration. The fee for first-time resubmission is $65.00.

Examination Schedule. The certification examination will be administered each year at the ISPA Annual Conference. Upon acceptance of the application by the Certification Committee, an applicant will be notified of eligibility and of administrative matters, including location, time, and points of contact. The qualified applicant may sit for the examination without attendance at the annual Conference. Attendance at the annual Conference is encouraged.

Notification of Examination Results. Within sixty days after an applicant takes the examination, they will be notified of the results in writing. Successful applicants will be issued certificates showing successful completion. Unsuccessful applicants may retake the examination two additional times for a reduced fee of $65.00 for each test. After two failures, a candidate must apply again and retake the exam for the standard fee of $75.00.

Eligibility to Take Written Examination

Each applicant applying for certification must qualify with one of the three following eligibility options:

Option A. A college degree in a field of study directly related to parametric analysis and estimating or, if the degree is not related, then a minimum of ten college level courses related to estimating. Some examples of these courses are (but are not limited to) statistics, advanced statistics, parametrics, calculus, and software cost estimation. Additionally, a minimum of two years experience performing parametric analysis and estimating activities in a position specifically identified within the applicant's organizational structure as requiring such performance is required. The position must, in the judgment of ISPA’s Certification Committee, involve parametric estimating or analysis duties normally performed by a fully qualified analyst or estimator.

Option B. An associate college degree and five years experience in performing parametric estimating and analysis activities in a position as defined under Option A.

Option C. A minimum of seven years experience in performing parametric estimating or analysis activities in a position as defined under Option A. Also, the demonstration of an applicant's ability or knowledge to pass the examination through submission of a brief biographical sketch describing education, experience, and most recent relevant estimating or analysis performance is required.

Eligibility questions should be referred to the Certification Committee in writing.

Recertification Program

The Certified Parametric Practitioner (CPP) award is valid for five years. The Recertification Program will permit the continued certification of practitioners. Recertification may be achieved by successfully passing the regular CPP examination. If a certified member wishes to achieve recertification by examination the procedures described above for initial certification apply, except that the member is automatically eligible to take the examination regardless of education and experience requirements that apply for candidates who wish to take the examination for the first time. The same examination will be taken for either certification or recertification. You may request Recertification during the period six months before to six months after the fifth year anniversary of the last certification.

Please contact Douglas Druley with any questions/comments related to the CPP program.